My Expertise

Web Services

I have mastered developing and consuming SOAP/REST based webservices.


Expertise in IOC and Spring MVC frameworks. Have integrated Spring MVC with REST webservice client in my recent projects.


Good skills with Hibernate Queries and persistence layer.

Oracle SOA

Expertise in using Oracle SOA architecture. Heavily used BPEL process.


Expertise in using Coherence as a local SOR implementation.

Niraj Desai

Nerdy Skills

I am currently working in Banking Sector as a Developer. I am a kinda techsavy person. Like to play around with new softwares and technology. Like to keep myself updated. I follow iClarified, CNET and lot other techy stuff. I am a big fan of Google and Apple products. I assume this is getting boring now.. Well if you are not bored you know what to do..:)

In my recent project I am working on Front End Development. Most of the recent work includes code enhancements. I have created a Webservice which is being consumed by other teams in my company. Framework that I am using currently are Spring, Hibernate, JSP.

  • Spring 3.0/2.5 90%
  • Hibernate 70%
  • Coherence 90%
  • SOA 90%
  • Weblogic/Tomcat/Websphere 90%
  • Hibernate 70%
  • EJB80%
  • Core Java Concepts90%
  • JSP / HTML90%
  • jQuery70%

You can find me here...